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New Bridge Learning Centre

(16 to 19)




The intent of this curriculum is to support students to achieve the following destinations: 


· Working with support in my Community

· Volunteering in my Community

· Playing a Part in My Community

· Taking Control

· Taking Part

· Being Involved

· Being Independent


With these destinations in mind, the Learning Centre curriculum is underpinned by the intent to live as independently as possible.

We aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to engage as fully as possible with the wider community. Central to these destinations is the aim that all students will develop their communication skills, and participate as fully as possible in activities at home, at school, and in the community.

To achieve this, we seek to offer an engaging, fun and relevant curriculum that is flexible to the needs of our students and which reflects their EHCP targets and supports their wellbeing.  



The curriculum offer at the Learning Centre allows students to build on the knowledge and skills developed at school.

Teaching and learning stems from accurate assessment and understanding of each pupil’s needs. Schemes of work are adapted to meet these needs and are constantly under review.  

Lessons are well paced with opportunity for developing some independence and shared activities using various strategies and styles, including multi-sensory and kinaesthetic

Students at the Learning Centre are placed in one of four discrete groups.

Click on the links below to find out more about each individual Group.


Curriculum-Gallery (ID 1086)












The placement is decided on the primary needs of the pupil. Students are taught most lessons in these tutor groups.     



The Learning Centre has designed its own assessment system to track impact and this has been designed to assess, measure and track progress of young people against their EHCP outcomes, communication and life skills. Teachers set targets for all students using small step ‘I can’ statements from the My Learning curriculum:  


My Behaviour  



Staying Safe

Personal Qualities   


Students are also assessed on Speaking and Listening Communication.  


Students are assessed against the following accreditation:


Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme (within Outdoor Education) for all students. 

Edexcel English Entry Level FS



In addition to the core offer of English, Maths, ICT, Living Skills and RSE students study other subjects as part of a broad and balanced Curriculum. 

There is a mixed delivery model, with the majority of lessons delivered by the class teacher and a smaller percentage delivered by specialist teachers in subject specific environments.  

Students working at Level E are entered for English and maths Entry Level accreditation.


Core Subjects 

Core-Subjects-(New-Bridge-Learning-Centre) (ID 1087)




Enrichment Subjects 

Enrichment-Subjects-(NBLC) (ID 1088)