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Across all of the schools in the New Bridge MAT, a key focus of our work with the students is ensuring that they are ready for the next steps of their life and their next destination.

We have a ‘Destination Matrix’ that we use to help identify where children currently are and where their aspirational destination is.

Our Destination Matrix details what levels of knowledge, wellbeing, independence and communication each student should be aiming to have secure before they move to their next destination.

At New Bridge Pathways, our curriculum offer has a focus on the Destinations of ‘working with support in my community’ and ‘Being Independent’.

Therefore, through our curriculum intent and implementation, we ensure that our students are developing the skills that will allow them to be successful members of their community, when they leave us.


The intent of this curriculum is to support pupils to achieve the following destinations:

· Being Independent

· Working with support in my Community

Our Pathways have been designed to fulfil our pupils’ potential within specific subject areas.

Lumenus, Activ8, Digit4all and Community Living are programmes of study which focus on the Performing Arts, P.E. & I.C.T. and employability respectively.

Please click on the logos below to find out more about each individual Pathway.







Through this curriculum, we aim to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge integral to each, but also to engage fully in the wider community, develop independence and to gain employment and voluntary work in their adult life. 

Our Pathways are tailored, engaging and flexible to the needs of our pupils and reflect their EHCP targets.

By the end of Key Stage 4, each pupil should leave us as a confident young person who is well-equipped to fulfil his or her full potential.

By the end of this Key Stage 4, we would expect pupils in the main body to demonstrate the following benchmarks in these key areas:


As part of a broad and balanced curriculum, in addition to the core offer of English, Maths, ICT and Living Skills, pupils have the option to choose from the following:

Art (Leisure)

Music (Leisure)

Dance and Drama Well-Being Programme

Dance and Drama Performance

Duke of Edinburgh

Sports (Leisure)

Classes are taught in their respective Pathway group.

All areas are delivered as discrete subjects by specialist teachers in subject specific environments.

Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups in both years 10 and 11 and have seven lessons of their chosen Pathway a week.

Individual pupils’ needs are met within our split group teaching model, where lessons are fully scaffolded to ensure that all students can access them.

Planning for teaching and learning is based on accurate assessment information; and an understanding of each pupil’s EHCP targets.

Schemes of work are adapted and are constantly under review so that the demands of each cohort can be fully met. Lessons are well paced with opportunities for independent and shared activities and our skilled teachers know how to select tasks that will engage and support our learners.

Extra-curricular activities are included in the curriculum and are linked to each Pathway subject


Pupils are assessed against the learning outcomes indicated in the accreditation syllabuses and targets for the respective Pathways, core subjects and options.


Technology supports a flexible and collaborative approach to pupils' learning. iPads are used to enable pupils to:

  • contribute to lesson content from the front of the class
  • engage with their peers in problem solving activities
  • work collaboratively on learning activities
  • access differentiated learning at their own pace
  • research topics