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NBLC Blog - 7.6.24


This week, I’m delighted to announce that I’m handing over my blog to two of our amazing students. It’s a ‘spotlight on’ Amy & Antonia from year 12 who are two of our Learning Centre sign-a-long advocates. They have both been working hard, helping Alison Mathews to deliver Sign-a-long training to a group of professionals.


Here’s what they have to say:



"We played a game of skittles whilst learning signs, we played ping pong whilst also learning different motions and signs. We taught signs to the group and we also performed songs with signs. It’s a great way to learn."


"We really enjoyed it the people were really nice and helpful, and they really welcomed us. We were very nervous at first but then we got used to it.

And we also got paid! Both girls would like to say thank you to Alison for the opportunity and especially for paying us, we're going save it for our holidays."


Here are the comments from some of the course members which speak volumes!


“It was a great session, very informative, very valuable experience, especially for a student teaching."

“Both girls were brilliant at interacting with the group. They clearly had been enjoying learning all the signs. Their enthusiasm was contagious, Antonia is full of joy & laughter. Amy seems very knowledgeable. Well done girls!"

“It was great to see the students use the sign-a-long vocab! They did a fabulous job and made us all smile. Lovely young ladies.”

“Great job Antonia & Amy, you made the training so fun, you both brought so much energy! Keep up the great work.”

“Sing & Sign was great fun, thanks you girls.”

“Amy & Antonia provided good support for the sign-a-long workshop by sharing their experience of signing and teaching some signs who were helping really added to the session They were very professional and very helpful."

“I thought that the students who were helping really added to the whole experience. You could really see how much they enjoyed the training and were really passionate about passing on their knowledge.”

“It was lovely for the student advocates to be involved. They brought a fun aspect to the day and the signing was brilliant.”

“Enthusiastic, fun loving, well engaged, knowledgeable!”

“Training should always be co-delivered with self-advocates; we can see the difference it makes.”

“I thought it was amazing! Great idea to include the students, gave us a sense of the world of sign-a-long.”

"Really nice to meet the students and meet people benefiting from sign-a-long. Also lovely to see how much the students enjoyed it.”

There were more comments however they all say the same thing.

Amy & Antonia


I only caught the end of the workshop, but I was so impressed with Amy & Antonia, their confidence, maturity & enthusiasm.

Ladies, I couldn’t be prouder of you both!!

Have a lovely weekend, all.




Comms 3 WBY 

We have had a busy first week back, June is Pride month, so we began the week looking at information around Pride Parades and the reason for Pride.  We made some Rainbow Heart Suncatchers and decorated our classroom with rainbows. 

Also this week, we recognise D-Day and we have learnt about what happened and how it affected the war.  We looked at a PowerPoint and did a small quiz.  We looked at code-breaking and did our own work to decipher codes in Maths and English. 

WBY - 7.6.24




This week CLAKE have been doing some work around D-Day.

First we looked at a PowerPoint presentation about WW2 and D-Day.

Then the group watched a Newsround presentation featuring some WW2 veterans and some young people who had lost relatives in the D-Day landings. The group found the presentation interesting and emotional.

We then did some comprehension work about D-Day.

The group also designed some D-Day medals.

Some students showed good prior knowledge of people and events in WW2 which was good to see. Lots of questions were asked and answered and we all learnt something about D-Day.

CLAKE - 7.6.24