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Religious Education

PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) provides a vital foundation for the personal development of young people in preparing them for adult life. PSHEE is important in combating social exclusion and disaffection and can equip young people with the skills and attitudes needed to react positively to the pressures of modern life.

Personal Social and Health Education is seen as the concern and responsibility of all members of staff.  All the staff believe that the ethos of the school should promote the spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development of all members of our community.  Personal, Social and Health Education is taught to all pupils throughout their school life and they will have access to appropriate learning outcomes that will enhance their personal and social development including health and well-being to enable them to become more prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

All members of staff are involved in developing a positive view of relationships which values individuals, encourages caring for others, acknowledges diversity and upholds a sense of community. All staff endeavour to create an environment which recognises achievement of pupils and promotes self esteem.

The PSHEE programme is designed to develop self awareness, positive self esteem and confidence.  It offers opportunities for pupils to identify their values and strive to live up to them. A wide variety of learning styles is offered and extensive links with outside speakers have been developed. The links between PSHEE and pastoral care are seen as important at New Bridge since personal tutors can help to promote some of the skills of personal development in active tutorial time.


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