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Personal Care

Personal Care Assistants

Personal Care Assistants are always on hand to assist our young people in following their personal care plans. Support is provided at many different levels from help and assistance to a full service provision in personal hygiene, bathroom assistance and comfort.

The work done by the Personal Care Assistants ensures all our young people can access all areas of the curriculum including trips out of school and holiday clubs. Every member of the Personal Care team has undertaken specialist training which covers feeding and swallowing guidelines to ensure they can support safe and enjoyable lunchtimes, snacks and drinks.



Health Professionals

New Bridge School has established strong working partnerships with a range of health professionals.

  • Health Advisors

Our School Health Advisors provide professional healthcare to bridge education and social care boundaries. They help our students to stay healthy and safe, and also work with school staff to address child centred public health initiatives.

The Health Advisors give confidential advice, care and treatment to children and young people. They also look after our students’ physical and emotional health and advise families on how to keep children healthy.

School Nurses – Sarah Clegg and Amanda Pollitt

The School Nurses are Sarah Clegg and Amanda Pollitt. They work across the sites of all the Oldham special schools but are onsite at some points each week and are available to offer advice to parents and staff. They provide any medical training that school staff may need in order to meet the children’s needs.

The School Nurses are also able to refer pupils to other healthcare professionals including: Consultant Paediatrician; Ophthalmologist; Special Needs Dental Care and the Podiatrist.

PALS Leaflet 

  • Hearing Impairment

From the theatre and swimming pools to the ordinary classroom, all environments are seen as places for sensory learning. Every student can gain from having other senses engaged.  As part of the Total Communication System, meaningful objects, images, symbols and signing are used. Students with Hearing Impairment and/or Visual Impairment are positioned so that they can see and hear to pick up information. The classroom Soundfield system enables sound sources to be spread evenly through the room.

  • Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy team work to promote the development of gross motor skills to improve functional abilities and enhance independence through individual exercise programmes, hydrotherapy and the use of equipment.

The team works with educational staff, parents and other professionals to advise on physical management and access to the curriculum for those requiring the service.

  • Speech & Language Therapy

The New Bridge Speech and Language Therapy Team supports students who have difficulties with communication or eating and drinking. The team provides training for staff and parents and works alongside the school to provide a Total Communication Environment in which all students are supported.

Young people can be referred to the team for assessment and more specific support to meet their needs. This could include help around eating and drinking, speech, expressive and receptive language, the use of alternative means of communication (such as signing, symbols, objects of reference etc) and social communication skills.

  • Visual Impairment

For students with sensory needs such as visual impairment, it is important that best use is made of all their senses.  We use a range of adapted resources and equipment, and skills can be developed in the context of lessons including different sensory and cross-curricular experiences.



Students benefit from the hydrotherapy pool in many ways. Some young people find it very relaxing and soothing to their joints, whereas some may be gaining water confidence or learning flotation and breathing techniques. Each student who uses the hydrotherapy pool is given an individual target to suit their personal needs. Students are encouraged to use safe, floating waterproof switches which enable them to make independent choices about the lighting they see and music they hear.





The mobility team at New Bridge consists of highly experienced staff who work closely with those students who will benefit from Hydrotherapy, Rebound Therapy and Land Therapy. These young people follow an individual mobility programme which helps to improve their mobility and muscle tone. It also helps to develop confidence, independence, body and spatial awareness, balance co-ordination skills and much more.

The pupils find these sessions extremely enjoyable due to the varied and fun multi-sensory approach and can all accomplish a sense of achievement.

The pupils also access standers and walking frames in order to improve muscle tone and promote their mobility; this is facilitated by class staff and the physiotherapy team.


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