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Monday, July 5


Thursday, July 18

D of E Gold Expedition

Friday, August 1

Holiday Club trip to Alton Towers

Head of Learning Centre’s blog

I seem to be starting off every blog with the words, “I just don’t know where this week has gone!”. The week has absolutely flown by. Those students who have joined other students to form new groups have coped remarkably well and some are already making new friends...

Head of School’s blog

After a week that brought with it a number of significant changes for us all, both in school and at home, it's been considerably more settled this week. Pupils and staff have adapted quickly to the combination of face to face learning in school and remote learning at...

Head of Learning Centre’s blog

I’d like to start this week by wishing you all a very safe, happy and peaceful new year. I hope that you are all keeping safe and well? I’m a little unsure where to start this week as so much has happened within such a short time. I’ve never known a week like this...

Head of School’s blog

I'm going to keep this week's blog short and simple by saying thank you to all our pupils and their families.  Your patience and support has been incredible whilst we work as quickly as possible to put in place a renewed blended learning offer that combines face to...

Head of School’s blog

"So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun". And so it was, with a week of festive fun, that we finished the term for the Christmas holiday. It was our Christmas Dinner on Wednesday that really started to get us into the festive mood. Across the school...

Head of Learning Centre’s blog

It really is hard to believe we’re already at Christmas! Our students have been truly amazing this year, their resilience, optimism and ability to adapt to so much change has been astounding and they have certainly not disappointed this year. This week we have...

Head of Learning Centre’s blog

Well, we’ve made it through the penultimate week of this term! We are definitely on countdown to Christmas in style. This has been very evident today as everyone at the Learning Centre supported Save the Children’s Christmas jumper day. Here are some wonderful...

Head of School’s blog

This week our penultimate blog of the term, and of the year, comes from the Interactive Base team, specifically Miss Ward's IB2 class who are celebrating a wonderful first term together. So, before I hand over to the team, I just want to highlight a few key messages...


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